The Maison Cruz Bueno

London’s best kept secret. A name to share, but not too widely: Maison CRUZ BUENO Couture. A name on the lips of the world’s most elegant women. An exclusive and international circle. It is the surname, too, of the founder and lead designer of the maison, Lucas Cruz Bueno, a man of intuition and rare passion, a créateur who listens to his clients like no other, who interprets their desires and captures their essence in clothing as unique as it is inspired.

What defines my work? My designs and how their craftsmanship speak for themselves. They are exceptional not just in their rarity, but in their quality. For us, handmade really means handmade. I don't compromise, not take short cuts when designing and making my garments and accessories. - Lucas Cruz bueno. the Couturier

A Bespoke Experience 

Imagine a dress, a jacket, trousers or skirt conceived and executed for you and you alone. Handcrafted pieces that celebrate you, accentuating your finest features and ironing out those tiny imperfections that nobody but you notices. By appointment only, the process starts with a conversation -- but no ordinary conversation. This is a uniquely personal approach to luxury couture, one that seeks an intimate understanding of each and every client, building relationships that last based on a holistic vision of who you are and of the life you lead. The result of this bond: handcrafted garments designed by Lucas not just to fit your silhouette but to express your inner self. Pieces that can make you a princess for a night, or special every day. Clothing ranging from the spectacular to the sublimely understated -- but always comfortable, because built for you. 

A Celebration of Craftsmanship

Maison CRUZ BUENO Couture is a million miles from the worlds of fast fashion and throwaway mass-market manufacturing. We make season-less, limited edition, timeless designs that you will not see on anybody else. They are exceptional not just in their rarity, but in their quality. For us, handmade really means handmade. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail (even those that are hidden): on the perfection of our embroidery, the selection of our crystals, the sumptuousness of our feathers. Each CRUZ BUENO piece and accessory, created in our London atelier by highly skilled artisans using only the very finest fabrics and materials, is a visual and a tactile experience, a celebration of craftsmanship firmly rooted in the time honoured principles of garment-making. 

An Atmosphere of Trust

Lucas Cruz Bueno and his creative team are at your service. By Appointment Only we will suit your busy schedule and prepare a unique immersive experience. Lucas brings not just his design expertise and personal empathy but a fresh look and a creative inventiveness to every meeting, ensuring that your personal taste and style are respected but also transcended. In an ambiance of trust and collaborative creativity, what emerges – usually after at least three fittings -- is a masterpiece of cutting-edge, modern classic design that will suit you like nothing you have worn before. 

An Indefatigable Energy

Lucas Cruz Bueno encapsulates the flair and fervour of his international origins. Born in Brazil in 1991 into a family of musicians and theatre writers with Spanish, Portuguese and Italian roots, he was involved with dance since his early childhood and has a degree in performing arts from the University of Lisbon. To this intimate understanding of the body and how it moves he has married a unique talent for fashion first displayed in the designs of costumes for a local dance troupe. This led to Lucas being commissioned to design and make special-occasion dresses that proved an instant sensation on social media and launched him on his meteoric rise. With his creations increasingly being worn by an exclusive collection of international clients, Lucas attracted the support and financial backing of an angel investor. Maison Cruz Bueno Couture formally launched in London in 2015.