What are you wearing? Success!

When you enter the room the first impressions are formed within 7 to 17 seconds which will count tremendously and impact the hours to follow hence the point of being captivating the way you dress. When making your bespoke suit we pay special attention about which silhouette best fits you natural figure and how to incorporate subtle embellishments and details which will stay in peoples mind – it is all part of dressing to be unforgettable.  We find the perfect balance between the corporate lines with some feminine and modern twists which will set you apart from the rest. Not every silhouette will work for your body shape but we will conduct a series of studies while we measure your body and create your profile to find the perfect fit and to guide through this journey!


Achieving a powerful and effective wardrobe whether for an executive dress yet casual, traditional business ensemble yet with a pop of personality or boardroom pantsuit attire yet tailored and conservative, Lucas and his team will create the best match. all creations have a limited-edition serial number.