No compromise.

No shortcuts.

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Meet the Creative and Artistic Director Lucas Cruz Bueno. A Couturier who makes no compromise. Quality and excellence is paramount. He redefines how women should dress up. With his deep understanding of the body from being a trained classical dancer and a decade of experience building a successful international brand, his designs are a modern interpretation of the classics. Innovative, detail oriented and perfectionist, Lucas leads his creative team in the London atelier where all the couture magic happens. 


What our clients have to say.

"I would like to thank Lucas and his team for giving me an exclusive experience. The service is superb and I always feel special in their atelier. I receive personal advice from the Couturier himself, he always makes me look even more sophisticated, confident and beautiful. I can feel the personal attention and love from the team in every detail. I love the pieces, they have the best quality, fit and elegant style."

Mademoiselle Elena R.

"I love the outfit Lucas designed and his team made for me! The process was smooth, the fitting sessions was very pleasant and the service is exceptional. Such a great energetic and attentive team. The fit of my outfit is perfection! I look forward wearing it many more times! I can highly recommend."

- Madame Shiva T.

"The CB Team is providing a beautiful experience of feeling unique. His business attire allows me to feel both powerful and feminine at the same time. The service is impeccable! When you are at Lucas' atelier, you feel the team exists only for you and there is no one else in the world - only you and your future couture. The quality of materials is extremely high. I can wear the outfits almost everyday and it looks as if it was handmade yesterday. Lucas and his team are never afraid to go the extra mile (...) I can highly recommend CB to any woman who wants to look different but trendy."

- Madame Elena L.

"I met Lucas' work a few years ago. His designs are timeless essentials with a fashion forward twist. He combines innovative materials and elegant shapes with an impeccable eye for detail. His fashion designs are super wearable and should be in every women's closet. Sleek tailoring and effortlessly chic! I am very happy with the expertise of the team who are always very friendly, attentive and knowledgeable in what they do. I am so very happy to have a few pieces in my wardrobe as it is a very exclusive company with excellent customer services. I always wear my designs with love and freedom!."

- Mademoiselle Aliona C.

"My experience with the CB team was absolutely wonderful! They were attentive in every step of the way, in every detail, with a warm and friendly disposition. My evening dress was beautiful and much admired, most importantly I felt comfortable so I could enjoy my evening and had lots of fun. Thank you Lucas and his wonderful team."

- Madame Alexis L.

"The beauty and intricacy of Lucas' designs is mind-blowing to process. The attention to every hand stitch detail and exquisite embroidery is an absolute masterpiece. Such intense passion! I feel blessed to have worn my stunning creations in many different occasions. Each design amplifies the natural beauty of a woman. The look, feel and quality for the ready-to-wear pieces are totally couture and such a great value for money. The fit and length are always perfect, super elegant, sophisticated to the extreme. When I wear my outfits I feel like my favourite style icon, Grace Kelly." 

- Mademoiselle Amanda C.

"Clothes are supposed to make personalities stand out and CB designs does this job with quality beyond satisfaction! CB is the brand for divas and make ladies like me stand out from the crowd. The team is super professional making you feel special from the first appointment until the gorgeous outfit arrives in a beautiful package at home. The best compliments I ever received was when I am wearing Lucas' designs. Lucas, thank you very much for your beautiful work, luxury services and unforgettable experiences."

- Mademoiselle Olga S.

"The most creative team ever! They were so professional in every detail. Lucas is the most talented young designer that creates magic, something that many people forgot about it. They were attentive every step of the way with warm and friendly disposition. The process of purchasing was very smooth and efficient, such a great value for money in comparison to what you get out there. My outfits were beautiful and much admired. Best experience and the quality is always TOP! Every detail hand stitched to perfection. I will share his beautiful work with all the world! Thank you Lucas and his wonderful team."

- Mademoiselle Tetyana C.

"Lucas, thank you so much for making last night the most memorable. You were totally right! The amount of compliments I received were totally new and unexpected. I'm usually the shy person in the room and don't attract much attention to what I am wearing but last night, I felt like the centre of Universe! What a great experience, thank you so much for making my beautiful outfits."

- Madame Ludmilla B.

"I can only say my experience with CB was the most incredible one! My look was designed by Lucas and his team crafted everything to the maximum precision in all aspects. Lucas guided me to adjust my design to my lifestyle, to my age and to my body, so I could make the most of it. (...) The fitting sessions was efficient and smooth. The quality is simply exceptional and that is something everyone comments on when they see me wearing it. (...) I feel unique and special. With full confidence I can say it is worth every pound you spend. I am very much looking forward to my next outfit."

- Mademoiselle Irina C.

"If you want to get the most sophisticated experience in purchasing clothes, you need to go and see Lucas. I admire the philosophy, elegance and quality of the clothes Lucas creates. He has been designing my outfits for many years and every time I am amazed how he transfers timeless classic ideas into the modern silhouettes creating fantasy with a contemporary touch. Most importantly, I feel unique and stunning every time I wear my outfits regardless of the occasion. I specially admire the cut and fit of the coats and jackets. Lucas does not squeeze you to fit a design, but shapes the design to fit you. He makes it work around your natural body shape, he feels you. And his meticulous attention to detail is exceptional down to every smallest details. I bow down to the CB team and understanding of femininity."

- Mademoiselle Julia K.

"I had the pleasure to wear the outfits Lucas designed for me and my daughter in many occasions. Whenever I want to look and feel elegant but still current and original I go to him. Notable moments for me was attending high profile events and having top fashion celebrities and designers complimenting me on what I was wearing. Lucas also designed for me powerful business outfits to wear in the House of Parliament and it was spot on. Lucas attention to detail is incredible, his designs are innovative in his choice of fabulous fabrics. I will always be a loyal client and recommend you to contact him."

- Mademoiselle Angela M.




Lucas takes his clients through a journey of creative discovery. Not available to many, he provides an exciting new immersive experience in the daily running of his atelier, where clients can see new designs being hand stitched up close, meet the artisans behind the making and get fully immersed in his creative process. Clients can even pick their fabrics from Lucas' archives. This level of experience is redefining how luxury consumers purchase clothing creating a memorable connection between the consumer and her clothes.


one of a kind

limited edition designs

Every single creation is exclusive and limited, whether a design from the reasonless collection or a bespoke creation, each piece comes with a unique serial number tag hand-stitched dedicated to each single client making it a very special and unique item to own.