An Unforgettable Journey

At Maison CRUZ BUENO Couture we redefine the luxury experience of having a garment made entirely bespoke to you not only through exceptional craftsmanship quality but also through outstanding attention to detail and in order to ensure you the utmost quality of our products. For that we have at our disposal an array of exquisite and unique selection of materials, fabrics, trims and embellishments which opens a variety of creative options. Led by our Creative and Artistic Director - Couturier - Lucas Cruz Bueno we have a skillful team of artisans - seamstress, tailors, pattern makers, embroiderers and finishers who will work making your garment come to life. Our team comprises of young and mature team members who not only are working towards the same goal - our clients utmost satisfaction, but also to share, develop and modernise the couture techniques who set the foundation of our business and help keep this Art of the savoir-faire alive.

When it comes to couture, there are literally no limits! Driven by a commitment to creativity and reinvention, true craftsmanship is at the very core of each product. The brand is dedicated to fusing innovative and new techniques with traditional craftsmanship, delivering the finest hands to our modern consumer. CRUZ BUENO foundations is set on serving the individual needs of every client with unrivalled customer experience.

The Fisrt Consultation

This first consultation starts with a meeting with our Client Relations Specialist for a one-to-one personalised consultation in one of our locations (or at the clients desired location). During this consultation, we will discuss the occasion, styles and ideas you already have envisioned for this special piece. We incentivise the client to bring photos and colour inspirations, but you’ll be shown the latest images for silhouettes as well as colour palettes with fabrics and embroideries that can become available for this creation. Last but not least, our specialist will take your measurements and build your client file so our team has all the information they need to start this process. All products will be made using the clients personal measurements.

Sketch and Fabric selection

After the initial consultation, our Creative and Artistic Director - Couturier Lucas Cruz Bueno and
his team of designers will have a better understanding of the clients need and will create a design with a sketch especially for you. Once this design is complete, a second appointment will be booked for you to come forward with the design. During this consultation, you will approve the design, and make any adjustments needed prior to start crafting the unique piece.Based on your given colour pallette and Couturier suggestions, we will present an array of fabric samples, embellishments and colours to choose from. We work with renowned suppliers all over the world to ensure you get the best quality available.

A Personalised Bust Form

Based on your personal measurements and client file, our atelier will construct a bespoke mannequin whose form will be handcrafted from a special fabric solely for you. Your exclusive piece will be crafted and altered on this made-to-measure figure allowing us to have a very precise fitting. This vintage technique allows us to drape - moulage - your piece and start constructing your fabulous design.

The Toile Fitting

After the design is decided and your personalised bust form is created, our atelier team can start studying the proportions, angles and fit your design on the mannequin. A pattern will be built specially for the clients design and shape, then transferred to a traditional atelier ecru fabric for the first fitting session. This process is crucial and will allow us to spot any unwanted ill-fitting sections to be smoothed out. The changes made during this first fitting will be carried out by our team of atelier assistants and a new pattern will be made with the adjustments. Depending on some design complexities, we might conduct a second fitting to ensure the fitting is to our highest standards. Fitting sessions can be conducted from clients home/hotel/office, and will meet their busy schedule. 

The Final Fitting

After hundreds of hours handcrafting your beautiful couture, we are steps away from the big day! With the garment being almost complete, this final stage will allow our Couturier and his atelier specialist to smooth out any imperfections and make any remaining adjustments — from the smallest, microscopic details to the more salient, eye-catching aspects — all to bring our clients & Lucas’ thoughts onto the piece. Once we perfect the piece, you will be called to come in for the final fitting. Our team of seamstresses will make sure the piece sits properly on your body and fits like a glove. Our Client Relations specialist will call you to arrange all the necessary details for the delivery, care instructions and any relevant information to make this experience truly unique.